Top ten reasons why blogging may be dangerous to your health

10.  Neglecting other creative ventures (creative decompensation);

9.  Aggravation/development of carpal tunnel syndrome from all of that keyboarding;

8.  Staying indoors instead of going outside to see what the rest of the world is up to (loss of touch with reality);

7. Spending more time with your laptop than your friends (leading to the breakdown of important social relationships);

6.  Acquiring that pasty indoor phosphorescent complexion (possible Vitamin D deficiency);

5.  Staying up too late in a state of post-toastiness (resulting in a mindless pattern of blog-/tag-surfing that could lead to cerebral numbing);

4.  Neglecting important household tasks (e.g., cleaning out the catbox);

3. Sitting in one position for so long that your legs get stiff or your butt falls asleep (may not apply to those under 35 years of age);

2.  Feeling the constant need to upgrade/improve your blog (based upon the ever-expanding sense that everyone else’s blogs are: (a) cooler; (b) more clever; (c) more colorful; (d) more profound; (e) edgier; (f) more visually striking; (g) more accessible to more people (resulting in an endless search for the most common denominator); ad nauseum);


1.  I forget. (Ability to retain information/ideas for only a limited amount of time).  (But that might just be incipient dementia on my part.)

Tomorrow’s forecast:  RAIN


About creat1ve11

psychotherapist by trade, writer and artist by temperament, over 50 and not fighting it, love the idea of snorting milk through my nose, but have never actually done it
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2 Responses to Top ten reasons why blogging may be dangerous to your health

  1. artistatexit0 says:

    Thanks for the list…it is a good reminder to be clear to oneself on why we blog to begin with!

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