In memory . . .

Miriam Alice

Your departure is marked by smoke,

a grayish-white plume lifting to simple blue sky.

Nothing magical here, you might tell me,

that is, if you had a voice I could actually hear.

Your remains have been scratched into dirt,

and the X that marks your spot

is a miniature rosebush

guaranteed to bloom this summer.

In that garden a bronze plaque names you;

you are bracketed by those two dates,

February 17, 1925,

December 6, 2001:

beginning and end.

What rises in my throat and eyes

when I pause to remember

is that long stretch of you in between:

shy girl, sad wife,

woman bent down by time,

by a disease that erased you,

line by line, year after year,

until all that remained at the end

was the faint impression of a pencil sketch

on a vast white page,

no color, no shape,

but the intimation of a life

I try so hard to remember.

Eight years, one month, eighteen days

That was the last time I saw my mom.  When I think of her now I remember most her strength, compassion, modesty, and musical talent.  Most of my life I’ve been told how much I look like her, and I see it, too:  eyes set deep into my skull, pale skin, fine hair, wobbly knees.  If only I had half of her courage, grace, and faith. 

She came to me in a dream once not long after she died.  I was lying awake in bed, and felt someone sit down next to me.  I realized it was her, and she embraced me, told me that she loved me.  When I woke up I cried, wishing it had been real.  Sometimes I think it was.


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psychotherapist by trade, writer and artist by temperament, over 50 and not fighting it, love the idea of snorting milk through my nose, but have never actually done it
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