* a cat unfurling its body into a langorous stretch

* poseable wood manikins dancing across shelf-tops

* rebounding foliage from a sharply pruned rosebush

* sunlight through windows replacing gray-white skies

* red balloons

* the clear blankness of an infant’s stare

* anyone who makes a face to crack up a baby

* a field of untouched snow

* a giant box of crayons

* a mandala

* unashamedly lined faces of aging women

* antique watches

* a wheel of cheese

* empty beaches

* reddening Japanese maples

* a girl writing in a blank book

* the faces of pallbearers at a funeral

* a weaver at a loom

* broken-in beat-up soft brown boots

* real (not drawn-on) eyebrows

* breasts without artifice

* an unwavering candle flame

* a singer on a stool with a guitar

* a blank canvas

* a brush loaded with paint

* the curlicues of sweetpeas

* the smell of peanut butter on toast

* first visible breath of winter

* a just-opened deck of cards

* asymmetrical body parts

* thunder clouds

* broken and unbroken sand dollars

* a lunar eclipse

* an empty stage in an old theater

* and old house with a fresh coat of paint

* imperfect teeth

* kids playing marbles instead of video games

* unfinished furniture

* ragged laughter

* anybody with a hula hoop

* pictures from outer space

* mashed potatos and gravy

* See’s candy Scotchmallows

* cricket-song

* the feel of flannel sheets

* new-book smell 

* hot chocolate with marshmallows

* stained glass anything

* a prayer

* daylight

* your face

* your breath

* now


About creat1ve11

psychotherapist by trade, writer and artist by temperament, over 50 and not fighting it, love the idea of snorting milk through my nose, but have never actually done it
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One Response to BEAUTY IS:

  1. Paul says:

    Cheese is good…

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