I wanted to see what it felt like to ignore my blog for the last few days.  And it was fine, actually . . . because I was busy and preoccupied, and really had nothing interesting to say.  It’s weird coming back and seeing that my views have dropped to zero for the last couple of days.  Do I care?  If so, why?  Trying to let go of that.  Trying to stick with my mindfulness practice, but I’m a little annoyed with myself that I haven’t been consistent with my meditation.  Where are my priorities?  That’s why I thought I’d ask Legolas, whose elf-vision is so keen and extends so far, that maybe he‘s seen them wandering around somewhere Out There.

Actually,  this is just a quick post on the eve before MK.  Tomorrow we head out for Santa Rosa.  8:00 PM PST is launch time.  And these are the final hours of my countdown to ecstasy.  How stupid does that sound?  But I remember the first time I saw Knopfler in Las Vegas, almost three years ago, and it would not be any exaggeration to say that was THE concert of my life . . . and I’ve been to a few good ‘uns over the last 37 years.  Dunno why that one in particular . . . maybe because I’d never made it to any of his shows before, and as I’ve gotten older his music has come to mean more to me every year . . .  it’s not just that this guy is the songwriter’s songwriter, a killer guitar player, and probably one of the best–if not the best–lyricists alive . . . it’s that his music has been the soundtrack for my life since 1979 . . . and will continue to be until one of us dies . . . (not to sound dramatic about it or anything) . . .

So I’ll be back with the lowdown at the end of the week.  And maybe I’ll have even been mindful in between . . .


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psychotherapist by trade, writer and artist by temperament, over 50 and not fighting it, love the idea of snorting milk through my nose, but have never actually done it
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  1. mosaicmoods says:

    I read a lot of your posts after you came to visit me yesterday. This one was the best place to say hi.


    You say you don’t know why MK’s concert was THE concert of your life. I know why each time I’ve seen him it was hard to go back to my own life… He is the embodiment of the romantic poets of the past. You just know he can love a woman. You know he can love the guitar into giving up something overwhelmingly passionate. He makes me melt. I kinda like that. A lot. Nice to meet you. We seem to have some things in common, not the least of which is the generation we grew up in.

    • creat1ve11 says:

      I think you’ve nailed it. MK is absolutely the modern-day version of the romantic poets of old. And I know exactly what you mean about returning to your regular life after going to one of his concerts. How does one come back down to earth after such a soul-expanding experience? Most of my women friends aren’t much familiar with MK, so they don’t share my obsession. It’s nice to run into someone who does. Glad to meet you, too. I see you’re also an artist, and I really liked the things I saw on your blog. Let’s stay in touch!

  2. mosaicmoods says:

    Yes, I’d like that. I already RSS’d your feed.
    Is your art on display on the web?

    By the way, doesn’t Telegraph Road’s incredibly long trance-like journey send you to another place? I saw you were into mindfulness. I don’t really practice it but music is where I go when I want to experience “just being” alive.

    • creat1ve11 says:

      My visual art has pretty much been a personal thing, and I don’t really have it on display online, except for a few pieces that are on my professional web site. Because I’d like to keep that very separate from my blog, I can give you the URL via regular e-mail. I’ve been making mandalas for years, and have sold a few here and there without really trying to market them. I also do intuitive painting, but that’s not for public consumption.

      I’ll have to devote a whole post to Telegraph Road; that album will forever mark a distinct chapter in my life. I’ve always loved it, and mixed in with that are some very bittersweet memories.

  3. mosaicmoods says:

    I have a contact link on my blog for email. You should also be able to see my email address if you get emailed alerts of your comments. You can email me either way if you’d like to share your URL with me. It’s up to you. I am an art fan but I totally understand if you prefer to keep your blog completely separate from your art.

    There’s another word I associate with MK… bittersweet.

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