Where to begin.  Ahhhhhhh . . .

We drove to Santa Rosa last Wednesday for the Knopfler concert.  I was a little hyper and jumpy, wanted to get to the venue early, then got there and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  So we wandered around, I drank a little champagne, and finally we went inside and claimed our seats.  Awesome view, five rows from the stage, off to the left.  Pieta Brown (folk/country singer Greg Brown’s daughter) opened the show.  She’s young, energetic, talented, nice voice, shows potential.

And then MK.  WHAT.  A.  SHOW. And what a line-up of fantastic musicians.  A lot of songs incorporated traditional folk instruments, including accordian, flute, mandolin, mandola, violin, and so on.  Mind you, this guy fits these into both the more subdued folk-tinged songs AND the serious rockers.  Must be experienced live to appreciate fully.  He and the band played for about two hours (including three encores).  And this audience did not want to let them go.  After the last song we were all still clapping and stomping our feet until the house lights came on.

For anyone interested in the set list, I’ve tried to recreate it from memory, with at least one song missing.  Except for the opening song and the encore songs, I’ve not got the order right.  Here’s what I have got (with albums of origin, except for So Far Away):

Border Reiver (off the new album Get Lucky)

What It Is  (Sailing to Philadelphia)

Why Aye Man  (Ragpicker’s Dream)

Coyote (    ”            ”  )

Get Lucky (Get Lucky)

Prairie Wedding  (Sailing to Philadelphia)

Sailing to Philadephia  (”                 “)

Hill Farmer’s Blues (Ragpicker’s Dream)

Donegan’s Gone (Golden Heart)

Marbletown (Ragpicker’s Dream)

Speedway to Nazareth (Sailing to Philadelphia)

Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits, Making Movies)

Telegraph Road (”           ” , Love Over Gold)

Sultans of Swing  (”        “, Dire Straits)


Brothers in Arms  (”        “, Brothers in Arms)

So Far Away    (?  can’t locate )

Piper to the End (Get Lucky)


So yeah, I’ll be ready when his next tour rolls around again.

Speaking of getting lucky, we also spent a couple of days on the northern California coast in Mendocino County.  The weather was gorgeous (blue skies for the entire trip), our lodging at Mar Vista (in Anchor Bay), in a cute and funky little cottage was awesome.  At Mar Vista you can go out to their garden and pick the veggies and herbs you want to use for your meals, and you can also request freshly-laid eggs for breakfast (they have quite an impressive hen population), which are delivered to your porch in a wicker basket.  There’s also a goat that will greet you by trying to eat your clothes (while you’re still in them), rabbits, and a huge and wonderful old dog.

No wireless, tv, internet, or other annoying technological distractions, just stunning views of the ocean, more birdsong than I’ve heard in many a moon, wildflowers everywhere, and –oh yeah, I was impressed–salt water taffy in the serve-yourself-candy-bin section of the local market.

Got in some blissful meditation time just parked in the Adirondack chair in front of our cottage.  Mar Vista is bracketed by forest, and sitting in my chair I could see the Pacific glimmering in the sun.  Also had a very cool time sitting on a log on Bowling Ball Beach (featuring some pretty unusual rock formations, hence its name), with a stream rushing behind me and the waves breaking in front of me. Did an eyes-closed sound-focused meditation during which–at times–I felt as if these sounds flowed through me, and that my corporeal boundaries ceased to exist.  To say I felt at one with the universe (embarrassing cliché or not) would be accurate.

We slept nine and ten hours a night, caught up on our chronic sleep deficits, sat around at night and talked in a way we hadn’t for years, and came home refreshed, relaxed, and content.

Civilization caught up with me today in the form of a headache-seguing-into-a-neckache, and the typical pressures of a busy week.  So I continue to focus and refocus my attention on being mindful, not judging, and all of that good stuff.  (And sneaking a few peeks at some Mark Knopfler videos on YouTube now and then.)  Oh, and Ms. Ewww-don’t-plague-me-with-more-new-technology succumbed to the charms of Apple the other day and bought an iPhone (3GS).  My husband’s encouragement (he’s an Apple-man) helped.  Honestly, I am finding it extremely useful, both for my business and just for myself.   Really.

I have photos from our trip that are on a jump drive at my office.  You’ve at least gotta see the Mar Vista chicken tribe . . .

so stay tuned . . .


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  1. Acey says:

    So Far Away is the first song on Brother In Arms.

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