Had some nasty oral surgery this morning, and though I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, the lower half of my face currently feels as if it has been beaten from the inside out with a baseball bat.

No solid foodstuffs for several days, no sleeping with my head flat, ice packs, Clindamycin, Vicodin, and a general all-over feeling of crappiness.  Don’t wanta be a whiney baby about it, but it’s anti-fun, thazzall.

So I’ll come back when I’m ready to stop being a complain-ster.  (And when I’ve regained a more mindful state . . . )

Object lesson for the day:  gettin’ old ain’t fer sissies.



About creat1ve11

psychotherapist by trade, writer and artist by temperament, over 50 and not fighting it, love the idea of snorting milk through my nose, but have never actually done it
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