I’m a psychotherapist by trade and an artist/writer/recovering creative spirit by temperament and practice.  I’m also an endlessly fascinated student of human behavior, tornados, tsunamis, glitter paint, coloring books, and most forms of dark chocolate.  In my heart I know myself to be part-warrior (skip the princess part) and part-chihuahua; amazed by things both ridiculous (e.g., reality tv) and sublime (e.g., watching the sun rise over Yosemite Valley), and everything in between.

Some of my formative experiences include being falsely arrested at age 11 by a security guard at Triple J drugstore; taking over 11 years to finish my bachelor’s degree; meeting my husband in a Shakespeare class 20 years ago (I thought he was weird and scary); going back to school in my 30s for an MA in creative writing; surviving nodular sclerosing Stage IIB Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 37; back to school again in my 40s to get an MS in counseling (marriage and family therapy); and losing my mother, bit by bit,  to Alzheimer’s disease.

My creative mentor is Chris Zydel, the high priestess of intuitive painting, and the inventor of Creative Juices Arts in Oakland, California, who came into my life right when I needed her.  Visit her wonderful website and blog at creativejuicesarts.com.

My spiritual mentor (though he may not know this) is Chris Erdman, who has offered calm, illumination, and heart during some of my darker moments.  If you visit his blog, take time to be still and absorb.  Whatever your spiritual beliefs, there is light and beauty there.  Chris’s website is at chriserdman.com.

The things I love most of all are the navel orange tree on the north side of our house, my ridiculously inimitable goofball cat of a thousand appellations, and my rock-steady, smart-as-a-whip, madly creative husband.  Oh, and the first freesia and irises that bloom in my front yard each spring.

Truth is pretty good, too.


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