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We have entered that narrow passage of time during which our parents and elder relatives are disappearing into the mist. We’re all walking to the water’s edge, waving good-bye . . . Continue reading

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Have You Shot Your Gun Into the Air Yet?

Happy New Year!  On my block there have been the requisite fireworks along with lots of gunshots. The gangbanger family down the street has been surprisingly tame lately, though I expect to see a police car down there in the … Continue reading

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Randomly and without categorization: 1.   British actor Bill Nighy 2.  Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate pudding 3.  Koh-I-Noor Chromatic Coloring Pencils 4.  Reading The Sun magazine on a Saturday afternoon 5.  Taking mental health days off from my job in mental … Continue reading

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the unrevealed . . .

Why won’t I show my face? Who I am in this blog is the unadulterated, unretouched, unresolved ME.  Elsewhere on the Internet, the professional person I become when I go to work can be found (and seen). Isn’t it interesting … Continue reading

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I really want to pay attention to everything that’s going on right now. For example, the cat is snoozing between the pillars above the built-in cabinets, my husband is snoozing in the bedroom, and I’m here at my command post … Continue reading

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I’m being haunted by snippets of movie dialogue. For the last five minutes I haven’t been able to get “You must cast it back into the fiery chasm from whence it came!” out of my head.  I did watch the … Continue reading

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In recent days I have lost myself.  My “self.”  The lights have dimmed, my path has been obscured, and I frequently find myself in tears, appropo of nothing.  Sitting and listening to my clients this week has been tough.  Their pain, their loss, … Continue reading

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