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Have You Shot Your Gun Into the Air Yet?

Happy New Year!  On my block there have been the requisite fireworks along with lots of gunshots. The gangbanger family down the street has been surprisingly tame lately, though I expect to see a police car down there in the … Continue reading

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the unrevealed . . .

Why won’t I show my face? Who I am in this blog is the unadulterated, unretouched, unresolved ME.  Elsewhere on the Internet, the professional person I become when I go to work can be found (and seen). Isn’t it interesting … Continue reading

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the disappearance of mystery, part 2

What am I on about this time?  TOO. MUCH. IN-FOR-MA-TION. We are devolving into a culture that lacks the capacity to be surprised.  With the advent of the internet, highly sophisticated and relatively inexpensive communications technology, and the ever-increasing use … Continue reading

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Does anyone else deal with this besides me?  As I shift my focus toward living in this moment (e.g., experiencing the simultaneous sounds of an across-the-street neighbor’s power mower, bird-twitter near the porch, my husband clearing his throat in the next room, the quiet … Continue reading

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Two hours ago I experienced an incredible storytelling/performance at a local fringe festival.  “Wanderlust” by Martin Dockery recounts his five-month journey through the Sahara to Timbuktu in a dance of words and movement, at times frenetically comedic, at turns balletic and soulful. When I … Continue reading

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In recent days I have lost myself.  My “self.”  The lights have dimmed, my path has been obscured, and I frequently find myself in tears, appropo of nothing.  Sitting and listening to my clients this week has been tough.  Their pain, their loss, … Continue reading

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* a cat unfurling its body into a langorous stretch * poseable wood manikins dancing across shelf-tops * rebounding foliage from a sharply pruned rosebush * sunlight through windows replacing gray-white skies * red balloons * the clear blankness of an infant’s stare * anyone who makes … Continue reading

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